"[Alberto] is a great professional with lots of experience... someone who understands the context of modern technology and its challenges in the region"

Christian Van der Henst, Co-founder, Platzi

"Every single time i got amazed at a new UI (...) Alberto ends up being part of that development. I cand stress how much i admire his work."

Mariano Amartino, Americas Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups

"[Alberto] is a well rounded professional and renaissance man. He has it all: artistic talent, street smarts, business understanding and eloquence."

Andrea Tanzi, Business Innovation Senior Principal, Accenture

About Alberto

Alberto Gonzalez - self portrait

My name is Alberto González, a Costa Rican born User Experience (UX)/Web developer, illustrator and character designer holding a BFA from the University of Costa Rica in graphic arts and design.

On discovering the Internet in parallel to my college studies in the late Nineties, I found a professional career path that has stayed with me ever since, going from web designer to front end specialist to user experience analytics and design, working for a number of international and local firms over more than two decades.

Concering UX, I started with the teachings of influential leaders in the field such as Jakob Nielsen, Jesse James Garrett, Steve Krug's books and the work of agency 37signals (creators of Basecamp and Summarizing their approaches, I like to think in terms of making the complex simple. On making learning curves as flat as possible so we spend less time fiddling with software and more time living the finite lives we've got to the fullest we can.

I lead simultaneously a career as a children's illustrator, character design and creation of stories for middle grade audiences under the pseudonym of Alzamon, which is actually a portmanteau of my own full name. Ideally, I would love to combine both aspects of my work to the services of the publishing, entertainment or education industries.

I am also fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese languages. As of mid-2023, I'm beginning studies on Japanese. For me, languages are the key to understand and throughly know cultures across the world, and understanding it a little more.

Additional examples gallery

I don't have written use cases for these examples of older work, but I felt the need to include them here as to provide further examples of my experience and competencies. In addition, I single-handedly code and maintain all of my personal sites because I like to have things my own way. :)